Welcome to the New Spot Marketplace

Say goodbye to useless load boards

Brokers – match, notify… book automatically

Carriers – don’t search for freight… it finds YOU

Unlike load boards, FreightForge loads are real-timeĀ 

FreightForge shipments are actual shipments with a lifecycle, so when your request for quote is received, it’s an actual load

How Does FreightForge Work?

Step 1

Broker creates a request to haul and either electronically loads this information into FreightForge or manually enters using the online tool


Step 2

FreightForge identifies and selects carriers based on their ability to fulfill an order and communicates this request to each carrier


Step 3

Carriers can choose to respond by submitting a rate for the load


Step 4

Broker selects and assigns job to chosen carrier


Step 5

Carrier fulfills transportation order and issues invoice to the Broker using existing processes


FreightForge is easy to use and cost-effective for both Brokers and Carriers

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