Carrier Onboarding

The biggest threat to your business is time. Brokers and carriers need to reduce time in order to make more money. Reducing the time from contact to contract allows you to move more freight.

Does this describe your existing carrier onboarding process?


Email contract and setup packet to carrier


Wait for carrier to complete agreement manually, print it out, scan and then email or fax contract and credentials back.


Review carrier packet

Key Enter

Manually key carrier into your TMS to create a billing record and send the carrier a rate confirmation.

How long does this process take?

During this time, your brokers are not brokering freight, but instead managing contracts and carrier packets.

For most firms, each new carrier requires approximately one hour.


Why Choose FreightForge to Onboard Your Carriers

Broker uses FreightForge to create a request to set up a new carrier.

FreightForge does the rest… AUTOMATICALLY


Let us automate your carrier onboarding