Who is FreightForge and why was FreightForge created?

Having substantial experience in the transportation industry, we’ve observed substantial transformations in recent years. Each year, thousands of carriers cease operations, while brokerages are increasingly consolidating under 3PLs. Consequently, opportunities and fairness have diminished, resulting in limited visibility and prospects for smaller brokerages. This situation has led to prominent brokerages dominating the capacity, forcing smaller brokers to exert more effort to compete for increasingly limited capacity. The reduced capacity is driving carrier rates upward and eroding profit margins.

As major brokerages continue to grow and monopolize most of the available capacity, we recognized the need to introduce a suite of tools enabling smaller brokers to substantially enhance their access to an increased carrier capacity, all without the necessity of expanding their workforce.

In simpler terms, we empower brokers and small shippers to achieve greater results with fewer resources. While this might sound like a conventional business adage, FreightForge turns this into a reality.

We offer a platform that streamlines the carrier onboarding process for brokers and small shippers, granting them access to carrier capacity that was previously unattainable without substantial cost increases. FreightForge eliminates the three primary obstacles brokers and small shippers encounter when seeking to expand their businesses:

  1. Competition
  2. Time
  3. Communication

For brokers aiming to grow, it’s imperative to broaden their carrier network to cover new lanes and regions. This endeavor typically demands more time, additional staffing, and increased expenditures. Simply continuing with manual carrier onboarding and acquiring additional load boards does not resolve this challenge.

Many load boards and other service providers promise efficiency and cost savings but fail to address this industry-wide problem. This is mainly because load boards offer leads for pre-existing, often stagnant capacity. Transport professionals are well aware of this issue, yet few take innovative steps to level the playing field for brokers compared to their larger competitors.

However, the status quo is about to change.

We believe in a different approach.

We believe there’s a better way.

Our goal is to be a catalyst for change, reversing this trend and introducing equity to the transportation industry by delivering tangible value to both brokers, small shippers and carriers. We aim to create an environment where this value can be clearly defined and measured. Our commitment to demonstrating and quantifying value is central to our mission. If we can’t quantify value, we’ll be the first to acknowledge it.

Beyond delivering value to brokers, small shippers and carriers, FreightForge fosters enduring partnerships that promote mutual growth for all parties in the transportation industry. We are convinced that this approach creates value for all stakeholders in an industry in need of revitalization.

Enhanced productivity, increased efficiency, and expanded access translate to more shipments, stronger carrier relationships, and a broader range of business development opportunities. All of this ultimately leads to increased revenue.

This is the core reason behind the creation of FreightForge.

Brokers are currently facing heightened risks, making trust and efficiency more crucial than ever. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping brokers strengthen their relationships with carriers they know and trust. We facilitate this process by working closely with brokers to bolster their brand and connect them with carriers that are well-suited to handle loads within the areas they serve.

Our experience has shown that in most brokerages, a small number of brokers handle a substantial portion of the loads. They achieve this by maintaining a network of trusted carriers with whom they have established long-term relationships. These trusted partnerships reduce risk, increase profit margins, and minimize the need for constant phone calls to secure carriers.

By automating and streamlining the process of building and maintaining this network, we empower brokers to thrive in today’s challenging landscape. This not only reduces costs and minimizes risk but also enables brokers to cultivate dependable relationships with carriers they can trust.

Let us help you navigate the evolving brokerage industry, increase efficiency, and strengthen those critical carrier connections.

If you’re eager to learn more about how FreightForge can dismantle the barriers to brokerage expansion, we encourage you to reach out to us by completing a contact form. Our team will respond promptly to your inquiry.