Seriously! How Many Load Boards Are There?


Seriously! How many load boards are there?

We have a lot of questions, all of which can be boiled down to…

Is it really necessary?

There are load boards that are private offered through the broker’s TMS. These we find, let’s say, are  interesting. What if the TMS has 100 brokers for customers and they all have their own load board, how do you find them? Secondly, can you imagine searching 100 private load boards to find one load?

Then there are the “digital market places”, AKA… Load Boards? These guys are supposed to remove the broker and put shipper freight in the spot market. There is nothing worse for a carrier to take a load from a shipper without a contract to protect you from those wolves.

What’s our point? More load boards aren’t the answer.

If you’re an owner operator.

If you’re new to the business.

Don’t live on the load boards.

Find a couple of brokers and a small shipper or two and develop relationships with them. The relationship is your key to success. You will then have regular freight you can count on. That’s what will help you build your small business.